Welcome to the new Hamish Anderson Custom Homes

Today you’ll notice the appearance of the new Hamish Anderson Custom Homes website. Since our inception in 1990 Hamish Anderson has grown into one of the top Puget Sound custom contractors with projects spanning throughout the greater Seattle area and Eastside.

Hamish Anderson and his two sons Colin and Jared.
Hamish Anderson and his two sons Colin and Jared.

We are still the home grown, family owned and operated business we’ve always been, but we recognize that technology has become a principal factor in the way we interact with our clients and the way we design and build their homes. Just a decade ago, smart phones didn’t exist. Today, not only does more than two thirds of America have them, but we utilize them for everything from schedules to transactions.

Hamish Anderson has always been about personalization – building homes tailored to your unique interests. Our commitment is to make sure that as a client, or subcontractor your experience is the same at every level of our business – including our website.

Our new look and feel was designed to put you front and center. You are already be seeing some of the changes we’ve made to our site including;

  • Image centered homepage: We know how important images are in designing and building a custom home.
  • Easy-to-navigate portfolio: Our projects are displayed in a dynamic interface that allows you to easily navigate through various types of projects.
  • Stay up to date: We wanted a way to keep you up to date on industry trends as well as be able to share projects pictures status updates and a blog was a perfect way to do just that. Be sure to email us to be added to our enews as well.

    We will always continue to find innovate ways to engage with our you, our clients and subcontractors that are suited to your wants and needs.Thank you for being part of the new Hamish Anderson Custom Homes—we hope you enjoy it!

1 thought on “Welcome to the new Hamish Anderson Custom Homes”

  1. Hi Hamish, Jared, and Colin, amazingly beautiful work you are doing. Congratulations! Love your new website but was unfortunately too late to vote for you as best builder for 425 🙁 I’ll be there next time.
    Love you guys!!!

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